To the Point Approach to Social Media Marketing(SMO) Strategy

Step 1: Define your audience

Step 2: Set goals

Step 3: Plan your post content

Step 4: Optimize Page for engagement

Step 5: Consider using other Facebook tools

Step 6: Incorporate Facebook ads and the Facebook pixel

Step 7: Measure the success of our strategy with Facebook analytics

5 thoughts on “To the Point Approach to Social Media Marketing(SMO) Strategy”

  1. thank you for such an informative social media marketing guide. we have generated lots of targeted prospects for our company. also, we have generated lots of Facebook page likes and engagement.

    1. Kailash Jee, Thank you. We get motivated for such feedback and get more dedicated in writing informative content in Social media marketing and other digital marketing fields.

  2. Discussed some better ideas. After following the step-by-step guides, we are able to generate lots of leads online.

    Very concise stepwise info for doing social media campaigns. Great!!!!

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